What You Should Learn Before "Dating" , You're Looking For Love But Finding S*x

S*x in is as common as gala hawked in Lagos traffic.

For many young people, sex is love, and love is sex, but sometimes sex is just sex and nothing more. Anyone going with the intention of finding love when sex is what is on the table will end up crying premium tears.

I spoke to a young lady about what she thinks about love and sex, Diane is totally exhausted;

“I meet a guy and the only thing he wants is sex, I don’t want him to lie to get to know me when what he really wants is sex but I often wished it is not about just that.”

For those in a relationship, their partners might be having sex with other people and for others who aren’t in a relationship, all they will be offered is just sex and many people are okay with that. Such is the love life of many. Even Your Boo, Get A Boo.


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