GUYS!! Is This Outfit Appropriate For A Primary School Teacher?


Hi guys,

I came across this picture on social media and I decided to send to some of my friends for them to share their thoughts on the teacher’s outfit.

The picture has been generating different reaction on social media too and we’d like to know what you guys think about it too.

See photo below:

Read Some Response Below:

Omalicha: “She should adjust her dressing jor.. obviously she is dressed to attract the staff of the school. Maybe she has crush on one of the male teacher”

Emmy: “Her dress is okay . The parents of the boys should be watchful of what their children are exposed to at home”

Dorenyin: “No teacher should be allowed to carry such yansh around… You either trim de yansh, or be wearing Buba.. In fact if u get ds kind yansh you shouldn’t be a teacher but a nurse 😡😡

Esther: “She should leave her nyash at home? 🙄

Jeff: “She’s perfectly dressed. God created her like that she’s not gonna change it for anybody. If anything the only inappropriate thing here is those spoilt kids.”

So guys,

Do You Think Anything Is Wrong With Her Outfit?

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