How To Travel To Kenya From Nigeria For A Safari – Expert Tips

Planning to travel to Kenya from Nigeria? Here are expert tips for an unforgettable safari that you’ve always dreamt about.

Kenya has many tourist attractions ranging from the sandy beaches at the coast, diverse flora and fauna, game parks and reserves, cultural heritage, and scenic landscapes, among others.

If you are planning to travel to Kenya from Nigeria, here are expert tips on how to make your planning a seamless process.

Experts from ltd – a Nairobi-based travel agency – look at the planning process, from setting travel dates to choosing your travel agent.

Know When You Want to Travel

Every vacation starts with planning the date. Could be you are going on a long annual leave from work, and you want to have a lifetime holiday experience, or could be during festive seasons that you want to celebrate in style. Whichever the occasion, it gives you an idea of when to slot the tour in your calendar.

However, your timing should take into account the naturally occurring factors such as rainfall, as you do not want to be on a tour during the wet season.

Also, depending on where you want to visit, there are always low and peak seasons. Again, you do not want to visit your preferred destination and find they are in their low season. For instance, you do not want to go on a wildlife escapade at Serengeti only to find that the wildebeests have migrated to Mara.

Your timing is very crucial as it highly determines your experience as well as your budget. It’s important to note that prices are low during low seasons and high during peak seasons.

That said, it is also important to take note of Kenya travel updates so as to make an informed decision.

Know Where You Want to Go

When planning how to travel to Kenya from Nigeria and where to visit, there are several key questions to think through. The first one is, “what do you really want to do?” Generally, this question revolves around your expectations.

The second question should be, “how much are you willing to spend?” The amount you are willing to spend determines whether you are going on a luxury tour or a budget tour.

Kenya tour agencies have got packages for everyone. Furthermore, they can customize one for you to fit into your budget and preference. Your budget also determines the period of stay.

The third question should be “what are the requirements to travel from Nigeria to Kenya?” Some countries have travel restrictions and therefore it is important that you research what is required to avoid nasty experiences at the airport or at the Kenyan border.

Get Travel Requirements Ready

Does Nigeria need a visa to travel to Kenya? Yes, they do! Don’t worry about Kenyan visas. Technology has made everything beautiful and the entire visa application process is done online.

However, the following Kenya Visa requirements for Nigeria are required upon application: a valid Nigerian passport, personal information, recent digital photo, proof of onward travel, a valid form of payment, and a valid email address.

How do you apply for a Kenya tourist visa from Nigeria? Simply log in to Kenya’s electronic visa, go to visa application, fill in the personal information, attach the necessary documents, pay the Kenya eVisa fee, receive approval confirmation, and finally receive the approved Kenyan visa by email.

Currently, the most popular Kenya Visa for Nigerian travelers is the single entry visa, valid for 90 days and can be used to enter Kenya via land, air, or sea border. Once you receive the approved eVisa, print it and get ready to travel.

Know-How to Get There

After having all Kenya entry requirements from Nigeria in place, the next step is deciding on the means of travel. The best and most convenient means is by air.

Nowadays, it is very easy to travel to Kenya from Nigeria as there are direct flights from Lagos to Nairobi that carry passengers in under six hours.

It is advisable that you book a return ticket so that you can take care of your travel from Kenya to Nigeria once your tour is over.

Know Your Travel Style

Your travel style is dependent on several factors which include but are not limited to; personal preference, your travel buddies, time available for vacation, and your budget. For instance, if you are on a budget trip, your choice of accommodation will be limited to budget hotels.

For transport, you will be using smaller vehicles such as Nissan Note, Mazda Axela, Toyota Probox, and others. If you expand your budget, you get access to both mid-range and luxury hotels.

If your resources are limited, you’d want a budget tour and if the money is there and you want to spoil yourself, then a luxury safari will be the most appropriate. If your time is limited, then you should look for the most efficient travel logistics.

Whichever style you choose, the ultimate goal is to have an unforgettable safari experience, that tour that has always been on your things-to-do list, a lifetime experience.

Have a Budget Estimate

There is a package for everyone when it comes to Kenya Safaris. From luxurious to budget itineraries, there are all sorts of packages including customized packages.

It is worth noting that safari lodges in remote areas are more affordable than lodges in big cities. Why spend more when you can get the same services, even better ones at low cost in a remote location.

It is also worth mentioning that prices are generally low during off-peak season and if you are on a budget tour, you can take advantage of the low prices.

Choose an Established Travel Agency

Your choice of tour agency plays a great deal on the kind of tour experience you get. It is advisable that you look for top-rated agencies such as to take care of all your travel needs.

When choosing a travel agency, here are things to consider: experience in the field of travel, independence-unbiased advice, full travel booking services, 24/7 on-safari support, and most recent customer reviews published on independent sites.


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