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Uc Banton biography: Uche Okon Nsikak is a music artist that records and performs under the name Uc Banton. 

U Banton Net Worth:

Uc Banton’s Net worth is estimated to be $100,000 which is roughly 41,527,000.00 in Naira.

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Uc Banton (Full Details) - UON
Real Name:Uche Okon Nsikak
Stage Name:Uc Banton
Born:May 4th 
Place of Birth:Benin
State Of Origin:Akwa Ibom
Record Label:N/A
Occupation:Singer, Songwriter / Beat maker
Net Worth:$100,000

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Uche Nsikak Okon is a music artist that records and performs under the name Uc Banton

His artist name Uc refers to his name Uche which means “the will of God” and Banton means story teller.

He is from a village called Ukpom Usong  Ubom in Ikono Local Government Area Of Akwa Ibom. Raised in Benin City Edo State Uc Banton focuses mostly on the genres reggae, dancehall and afrobeat in English and sometimes combined with Pidgin-English. 

Aiming to put words of wisdom in his songs, his audience can expect a performance in a variety of music genres that brings the audience joy and inspiration.

His vision is to tour the world touching people's souls to love peace and dood things. His mission is to let Africans and the self-proclaimed elitists know that we all are equal and that they should stop this greedy things and make a better place for everyone. 

That they have the opportunity to control the resources doesn't make them better than every other people.

Uc Banton writes, composes and produces his own songs and the songs of others and produces his own video clips as well. 

His singing voices are Treble, Alto, Tenor as well which he performs with instrumental tracks or with a full band. He also plays bass guitar, piano and drums.

Uc Banton makes music to express and overcome his agony and wishes everyone success in life. Growing up his main musical influences came from reggae and popular artists like Luke Dube and today listens to all genres. What motivates him to create are the challenging situations coming across in this human experience.

Growing up in a challenging environment, music has been a calling and a way forward. He mainly finds inspiration in street life. 

Music and other arts he deems important to the society because of the messages in it. 

Uc Banton defines success as an artist by the accomplishment of achieving the aim to spread the messages in his songs. The purpose of his work is to excel and believes to affect societal issues through his messages.

Uc Banton develops his skills by listening to well-known artists. He embraces feedback from critics and music lovers to continue to be better and connect to their points of view. His ultimate career goal is to make his people proud.

His story started in 1984 in Benin City, two years later he lost his dad and his mother moved him and his two brothers to her place in Imo state where he stayed there for about seven years. Afterwards moving to Akwa Ibom State for few years to return back to Benin City where he finished his SSCE and WAEC Examination. After that he went further with computer school for three years. As a result teaching in optimum computer for three years before fully going into musical production, making beats, mixing and mastering which we learned by himself. 

Uc Banton has been making music right from tender age and in 2010 he learned musical production from a man called D PEE In Benin City and started making his own songs and beats for other artists as well. At the beginning of his musical career he started with his brother Joseph under the name Nice Guys BTW. They produced two albums before changing their name to Akwa Dons. Few years later they both focused on their solo careers. In 2017 after their senior brother and mother passed away, he took his brother's son in as his own and has been teaching him everything he knows. Today this young boy performs under the name Akwa Dave and is involved in his music and video production.

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