Minimum Balance Of How Much Should A Man Have In His Account Before Considering ‘MARRIAGE’

While LOVE is the major foundation of every marriage, let’s not forget that MONEY is also a very important component in marriage too.

Forget about SaidaBoj yarning dust about a man having N50 Million in his bank account before thinking of settling down, but on the other hand you need money truly.

Some Men agreed with that SaidaBoj, that as a Man you need more than N50 Million before considering it. But then I don’t agree with her, and I’m sure some of you here too won’t agree.

So let’s assume you are already at your Marriable age, and you’ve found the love of your life, the next step is obviously settling down right?

Now as a Man, How much balance do you think you will have sitting down in your bank account and crypto wallet before you can say “Babe! Let’s go and Marry”?

Na Money dey ginger person for this life mehn! and I’m sure no Man with 0 balance will think of settling down.

As for me, If I don’t have like a minimum balance of N10 Million, I won’t even start thinking about having a serious Girlfriend self.

I’m sure the amount vary with everyone, so the big question is

How Much Minimum Do I Need As A Man To Think About MARRIAGE?

Let’s talk on this guyssss….


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