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HEADIES AWARD!! 5 Things I Would Do Differently If I Was The Owner Of The Award

The 2019 Headies Award has come and gone but the horrible experience like that of every year in recent times won’t be forgotten in a rush.

Every year, the highly-rated Music Award continues to lose its relevancy as Artistes and Fans continue to show their dissatisfaction with the Award organizers.

While fans are not happy with the Nominees selection, placing artistes in the wrong categories – many Artistes are also not cool because they have failed to make it to the nomination list.

Imagine – OlamideNaira MarleyQdotRexxie didn’t make it to the Headies 2019 Nominees list 

Sadly, Headies didn’t say anything about it because they feel they are too big.

This and many other factors are behind their nosediving growth.

Well, below are 5 things we think Headies should do to gain back their respect from Artistes & Fans.

5 Things Headies Should Do To Gain Back Their Respect

1. Year In Review

This is the biggest problem of Headies and if they continue ignoring this, they will continue losing it.

Your fans/music lovers are not finding it funny anymore, and if you truly care about them – you need to correct this now and every other thing will fall in place.

What’s the bullshit, January 2018 to June 2019 duration of reviewing and content selection?

Music lovers don’t understand this and they are the targeted audience – please adjust this for them or continue to fail.

FOR ME:- I think January to November should be the duration in review and then have your award in December of that same year.

This will send a signal to every artiste to drop their songs within this period.


Killertunes performed so well in 2018 for producing hit songs like => BabaYebaFake LoveManyaNowoBobo etc but didn’t win because the year in review then was actually for 2017.

This created an uproar among music lovers and they all came to the conclusion that Headies is nothing but trash.

He went on to win “The Best Producer Of The Year” in 2019 (a few days ago) when the year in review is 2018 – Bullshit.

Music lovers already got this twisted last year because they felt a talented producer was cheated without them knowing what “Year In Review” means or how it works.

MY ADVICE:- If your audience doesn’t understand your formula, change it to what they understand and carry them along accordingly.

2. Unorganized Nominees List

It’s like Headies Award organizers don’t even understand their own award categories.

FOR ME:- Rema is not fit to be nominated in the “Next Rated” award category not to talk of winning it at all.

RemaJoeboyFireboy should have been nominated in the “Rookie Of The Year” category as they are freshers in the music industry (their first year).

From what we observe this year, it seems when you have a big song in your first year, you deserve to be nominated as “Next Rated

If so, why then did Mayorkun win “Rookie Of The Year” in 2016 with his debut song Eleko?

Why did Reekado Banks also win “Rookie Of The Year” in 2014 when we all know his song back then is way bigger than what Rema currently has.

MY ADVICE:- Many irregularities in the last 2 years 2018 & 2019. Its obvious Headies is confused and they are their own problem.

They should involve experts from different sectors of the music industry when coming up with their nominee’s list.

This will really help them to make a list that will go down well with the vast majority of music lovers and earn the utmost credibility.

Why did they exclude Olamide, Naira Marley, Rexxie, Qdot from the nominee’s list? – This is a question waiting to be answered.

3. Transparency In The Voting Process

Nigerians don’t trust Headies anymore as far as selection and voting are concerned.


However, BBNaija that has a bigger fan base has been able to walk pass this successfully countless number of times because they outsource their voting process to a trusted Audit and Consulting firm, Deloitte Nigeria.

I think this will really go a long way if they follow the same route.


Online voting is a very potent voting medium in every part of the world. It’s no doubt, one of the best way to get people’s choice as far as voting is concerned but sadly Headies is not handling it properly.

Why would any serious award brand with numerous categories and voting options put everything on a single page with all the first options all marked?

4. Understanding The Categories & Making The Fans Understand Too

Headies should try as much as possible to educate every Nigerians about the criteria of every award categories and they should stick

Headies should try as much as possible to outline the criteria for an artiste to make each of the award categories then stick to it and educate Nigerians about it.

If they do this consistently for 2 years they will definitely gain back their lost credibility.

Teni and Peruzzi not included in this year’s next rated category clearly show that Headies doesn’t even understand their own award categories.

Why would you put JoeboyFireboy, and Rema in the Next Rated category when we know Teni and Peruzzi were on fire in 2018 (your year in review)?

5. Giving Out Each Category To A Brand For Sponsorship

Getting a sponsor for the show has always been a battle they have to fight every year – it’s so disheartening.

This is the fastest way for any brand to get demoralized as funding is an important part of an event like this. As such, Headies might be forced to look for funds any possible which might come with conditions e.g “I want my artiste to win“.

Greatly, Headies is already going towards this direction “giving out each award category to brands for sponsorship“.

Kudos to them for this but they need to put more effort so that they can get more brands to sponsor other categories.

This will take away the pressure of looking for sponsors for the entire award as each brand will get to pay for their category and they will generate funds which will be used to sort all the event expenses and other costs.

➺ Bet9ja sponsored “Album Of The Year” category

➺ GAC Motors sponsored “Next Rated” category

➺ RETV (Regina Daniels Entertainment Television) sponsored “Artiste Of The Year” category etc.

The End!

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