Anita Joseph Blasts Ex-Best Friend, Uche Elendu

Anita Joseph has taken to Instagram to call out her ‘best friend’ and colleague Uche Elendu over claims of jealousy in their friendship.

The visibly angry actress who shared details of their fight via an Instagram video, alleged that the Uche Elendu got crossed with her after she modelled the hair of another brand.

Anita alleged that Uche Elendu is on the bad side of so many people because she is always quarelling with everyone around her. She went on to recount how she bought weaves and artificial eyelashes of over N1m from her ‘best friend’ without getting any for free.

Asking if she is a witch who wants her to remain broke, Anita recounted how Uche told her she wanted to give her one of her products for free when their quarrel started.

She told her ‘best friend’ to keep her name off her mouth because all is not well between. The actress also recalled telling Uche Elendu not to wish her a happy birthday because her birthday message will be filled with lies.

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