They Lack Vision To Influence Igbo Presidency – Governor Uzodinma’s Adviser, Batos Fires Ohaneze

A Special Adviser to the Imo State Governor (political), Batos Nwadike has described the apex Igbo sociopolitical body, Ohaneze Ndigbo as lacking the vision and strategy to influence a president of Igbo extraction come 2023.

Nwadike accused Ohaneze of speaking from both sides of the mouth when it earlier said that Igbos will be reluctant to participate fully in Nigerian affairs until it is restructured.
The same Ohaneze, he said is now calling on Igbo politicians to brace up for 2023 Igbo presidency, describing it as ‘double speaking’ without focus.
“When Nnia Nwodo said in a conference at Chatham House London sometime in 2019 that the country will be restructured or lose the Igbos participating fully in Nigeria’s political and economic affairs, up till now, the country has not been restructured and Muhammadu Buhari still remains the President. Unfortunately, the realization of Biafra has remained elusive.
“It is quite clear that no section or zone in Nigeria can ascend to the Nigerian presidency without the support of other zones. So, let us tune down our rhetorics of hate and separatism. The curses and shouts have not stopped Buhari from winning all the time.
“No country in the world that has gotten independence through demonstration of their autonomous wishes. It has always been through the whims and caprices of the colonial masters,” he said.

Nwadike who is a former presidential candidate of PMP noted that Igbo presidency will be feasible if the people will come together instead of chasing shadows.

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