Open Letter To Simi – It’s Time For You To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Go International

Since her debut into the music industry, Simi’s has enjoyed a flourishing music career.

Her career did not flourish by luck, Simi‘s music career success is a product of hardwork and quality music that appeals to all and sundry.
Every time Simi jumps on songs, the clarity of her message and sweetness of her voice always produce adrenaline of positive reaction in the body of everyone who comes in contact with her sound.

It’s Time For Simi To Take On The International Challenge

From 2014 when she released her “Restless” EP, Simi has recorded more than enough success locally in Nigeria.
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It is safe to say Simi has conquered Nigeria’s music industry and the time has come for her to take on a new challenge of exporting her Afro-Pop and Afro-Rnb sound outside Nigeria.
Simi should take a cue from WizkidDavido, and Burna Boy who are currently on the international music market trying to promote Afro-beat to the world by way of collaborating with foreign artistes and taking international promotion more seriously.

Why We Think Simi Could Make It Big If She Goes International

When you critically examine the vocals and music delivery of successful female foreign artistes like AdeleBeyonce, Alicia Keys and others you will notice that Simi has what it takes to match their music strength.
She’s got the voice and an excellent songwriting brain that can produce a song good enough to appeal to the whole world.
Many of her pàst music projects especially her latest song “No Longer Beneficial” are potential hits that could do well on the foreign scene.
Dear Simi, if only you can see yourself as an artiste that has all it takes to conquer the world with music and then go for it, you will retire as a globally recognized legend.
Yours Sincerely, a loyal fan.

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