DO YOU AGREE? The Igbo Apprenticeship System(Boy Boy) Is Perhaps Better Than University Degree In Nigeria/Africa


I have previously written about how the  the Igbo apprenticeship system is the best form of education in Africa and today with few points, I want to briefly pen down how and why the Igbo apprenticeship system is perhaps better than University degree.

While surfing the web, I came across this piece on nairaland, so I decided to shed more light on it and share with us here.

Why I said the Igbo apprenticeship system is perhaps better than University degree?

When you decide to be an apprentice in the industry of your choice, you start gaining practical experience way earlier than your friends who carry on with their education in the University.

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You will become independent and get an opportunity for making career progress. Four years from now, the best students will be graduating. Most of them will take longer. By that time, you’ve already gone far on your career path.

If you’re productive enough, you’ll have enough time to combine your apprenticeship with actual studies. You can sign up for part-time studies or an online degree and do the studying in your free time. That’s a huge accomplishment for a young person.

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” – Albert Einstein

The ability and opportunity to learn and earn simultaneously, is the greatest advantage of being an apprentice. You’ll get fair payments for your work depends on your master.

I drop pen here.

Like I said earlier, I’ve previously written about how the Igbo apprenticeship system is the best form of education in Africa. Repeating what I’ve already posted, aren’t necessary.

The Igbo Apprenticeship System(Boy Boy) Is Perhaps Better Than University Degree In Nigeria/Africa -DO YOU AGREE?

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