DO YOU KNOW? Christmas Celebration Is Satanic, Not Scriptural (See This)


This movement to keep Christ in Christmas is the most deceptive thing I have ever witnessed in religion.

Christ was never in Christmas in the first place. Christmas is a pagan holiday. It is not even a debate. Scripture is clear: ‘Light and darkness cannot mix’-2 Corinthians 6:14.

If I come to you and say let us change the date when we celebrated an African deity, say Ogun, and call it Christogun day, you will say Tufiakwa! But white Europeans have done exactly the same thing with a European deity, and you are going along, and you justify it with logic, nor Scripture.

If you like insult me. I am used to it. I am never annoyed when people attack my faith and call me a fake Christian for rejecting Christmas. I gave my life to Christ. I did not give my life to people, or a church denomination. Let people talk. I won’t give an account of my life to people. My, focus is on the Chief Accountant-Christ! ~Reno Omokri.

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DO YOU AGREE? Christmas Celebration Is Satanic, Not Scriptural

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