WHAT THE FVVCK!! See The Prophecies Of Nostradamus For 2021 – We Are Not Safe


Nostradamus is perhaps a topic that appears every year when many want to seek a quick glance at the future.

Now let’s take a look at the prophecies of Nostradamus for 2021.

Nostradamus is known all over the world and many believe him to be a very adequate source of future predictions. It is estimated that the French seer left at least 6338 predictions for the near future and distant future which he expressed in several obscure verses. A lot of people work on deciphering the content of Nostradamus’ prophecies and in their last forecast, the next prophecies are for the distant year of 3797.

The question has always been if we as rational thinkers should opt-in for believing these predictions of Nostradamus, no matter if they are for 2020 or 2021 or any other year. Though it is quite clear that some of his predictions from the past were related to real events and seemed to have been real.

However, the great seer, Nostradamus lived about 500 years ago and unlike other recent seers, we cannot ask or confirm from anyone about his skills and gifts. The fact that Nostradamus lived about 500 years ago makes it much more difficult when we try interpreting his ‘so-called’ predictions. It would have been quite difficult for Nostradamus himself to adequately describe the events in a time like 2021 when he lived 500 years before that time. Especially due to technological advancement and environmental changes.

Nonetheless, Nostradamus still supposedly had something to say about the year 2021.

Nostradamus 2021:

The western lands- In the view of many who interpret his prophecy, the western lands in Nostradamus’ view is modern-day America or west America. Anyway, in his prophecy for 2021, he predicts a great natural disaster in the form of an earthquake.

According to Nostradamus’s prediction for 2021, we all can just sit back and consider the severe occurrences in 2020 as something like the lull before the storm. Nostradamus’ prediction says 2020 is nothing compared to 2021 in terms of what has happened to humanity so far.

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The Zombie Apocalypse:

This is perhaps the most interesting of the predictions for 2021.

Nostradamus predicts some kind of a potential “zombie apocalypse” apparently it will start in form of a virus that will turn people into something much worse which will then supposedly lead to the end of humanity in the nearest future.

The Comet:

Nostradamus also predicts another potential reason for the end of the world but this isn’t related to a disease.

Rather it has to do with the earth’s collision with a comet and interestingly, such danger has been reported over the years in the News and by scientists.


Nostradamus predicts that the current pope will play a major role in reuniting people and returning them to religion in the years to come.

Islam in the prediction, of Nostradamus, Muslims will get an upper hand which will allow them to lead humanity as the main religion.

Though everyone has their opinion on how this prophecy should be interpreted I won’t get into details.

Conclusively, Nostradamus’ prediction for 2021 isn’t at all positive.


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Do you believe in his predictions though?

What Is Your Say About This Nostradamus Predictions?

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