DO YOU AGREE? Only Poor Men Help Their Women To Cook In The Kitchen (SEE WHY)

Veteran Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie tweeted that It’s only poor men who are mostly found in the kitchen helping out their women in the name of love.🙆

Well I totally agree with him on this. Personally, I don’t think I’d have such time. Even now that I’m still single, I don’t have the time and strength to cook, wash or clean the house, I’m always busy with my computer, thinking, working. Hopefully, soon I’ll get someone to help me out and I’ll pay.

A friend Kelelchi said,

“The bigger a man becomes the less he would even realize that there is something called kitchen in his house

“Because even the wife cooks once in s blue moon

“Rich men wife’s don’t cook talk more of the man going to the kitchen

Omo Na poverty Dey coz am say man dey go help wife cook”

Absolutely correct. Lol

What’s Your Take?

Only Poor Men Help Their Women To Cook In The Kitchen – DO YOU AGREE?

Let’s hear from you all.


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