PLEASE ADVISE ME!! My Girlfriend Of 2Years Wants To Friend Zone Me (What Should I Do?)😭

I and my girlfriend have dated for 2 years. We recently had a misunderstanding when she posted a pair of shoes on her WhatsApp status with the caption ” tnx hun for this surprise package “, and I was shocked.

I then asked her if she had another guy who buys shoes for her, and she denied, saying that she bought them herself.

I didn’t believe her because of the caption she used. So, I kept asking her to know how she got the pair of shoes, but she didn’t want to talk about it anymore, so I flared up and said some hurtful words, which I regret. But from that day, things changed – I noticed that she became so sad about almost everything. I then pointed it out to her, and she broke up with me 3 days later. I’ve begged and tried to let her know how sorry I am, but to no avail.

I even visited her in her school where I stayed for 3 days, and we even made out, but I guess it wasn’t enough to save the relationship from sinking, because she told me that she allowed me touch her only because she didn’t want me to feel bad. Her sister even spoke to her, but it didn’t make any difference.

Now she said she has lost all the feelings she had for me that we should just be friends for now – that she just wants to be by herself for now. But that in the future, if we are meant to be together she wouldn’t hesitate to show up.

Right now, I don’t know if being her friend will ruin my chances of getting her back, cuz I really need her back!

Please Advise Me.😭

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