A Breakdown Of Everything Wrong With Bella Shmurda’s Music Right Now


You can’t but feel like there’s something off about the music Bella Shmurda has been releasing, recently.

For someone that enjoyed the guy when he did songs like “Vision 2020” and “Only You” in 2019, the disconnect I feel when I listen to his music these days is not justified.

If we look at it, we’ll see that the progression of Bella Shmurda‘s music has taken a downward spiral since the release of his biggest hit, “Cash App” with Zlatan Ibile.

Since then, he’s released generally underwhelming songs and we’ve let them pass in the guise of ‘conscious’ music. His latest project, “High Tension 2.0,” for example, does not in any way demonstrate the potential that we all swear he has.

I’ve narrowed the problem he has to two things I’ll discuss briefly.

He uses the same style every time.😕

The fact is that his music has become too monotonous and predictable. That way, the last song isn’t any different from the previous one and the previous one.

Take a jam like “World,” for instance. He didn’t put a lot of effort into his melodies and just went ahead to drop what he thought were conscious lyrics. He literally just repeats “If I ever lie to the world, I can never lie to myself” four times on the hook. And what more, he hit the same musical notes every damn time, from A — Z.

If things keep going like this, in the next few months, the nigga is probably going to make an album like Tekno’s, and guess what, if he’s not careful, he’s gonna fade away too.

When he’s not busy sounding the same notes he’s used on ten different songs, what’s he gonna do? You already know he’s gonna say “okoko koko koko” and try to remind us where he comes from. I gotta say this, that’s getting stale at this point.

Being uncreative and approaching every song the same way, is exactly how a talented artist like Bella Shmurda ruins a Davido album feature!

I mean, Don Jazzy camps his boys for a whole year, putting them on trap and drill beats, and the craziest types of afro-beats you’ll ever come across, before even releasing an EP. Even Olamide puts Fireboy on stuff with Cracker and forces the guy to switch up his flow once in a while.

How about Cheque? Conveniently swerving from afro to R&B trap, without sounding the same. But homeboy from the slum thinks it’s okay to take six beats that all sound the same and do the same thing over and over? Funny.

He keeps doing unnecessary collaborations.😧

The second problem I think Bella Shmurda has is the unnecessary features he’s been doing. He’s not Mr. Eazi and he should probably pipe down.

You are welcome to compare him to Omah LayOxlade, or TemsOmah Lay is the biggest youngster in the country ATM, and he didn’t even need any features.

Oxlade taking time off, not putting out anything new, and just doing extraordinary guest performances for top dawgs like Ice.

How about Tems? Chose her features wisely and went low-key afterward. Now the girl is on the biggest song in the world right now.

Then what is Bella Shmurda doing? He’s ‘fafakufa-ing’ on beats that sound like they were produced by ID Cabasa in ’03. Hoeing himself out to any and every artist that comes his way. Leaving him with little or no time to focus and work on his own music. If you do so many features, there’ll be no time left for you to improve your work and your music will come out shitty.

The worst part is, a WizKid and Davido co-sign can’t save him. Couldn’t save Tek.

I don’t have a problem with Bella Shmurda, but the only thing he currently has is his vocals. Nothing else. Unfortunately, that’s not nearly enough. I wish him good luck, though.

Let’s hear what you think.

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