BREAKING: DCP Abba Kyari Speaks On Hushpuppi Bribe Allegation


Abba Kyari, a deputy commissioner of police (DCP), has denied receiving money from Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, aka Hushpuppi, the embattled Nigerian socialite facing fraud charges in the United States.

US court documents had indicated that Hushpuppi alleged that he bribed Abba Kyari to arrest a co-fraudster named Vincent.

The socialite said he bribed Kyari to arrest and jail one of his rivals in Nigeria after a dispute over a $1.1 million scam on Qatari businesspeople.

Kyari denies allegation

In a post on Kyari’s verified Facebook page, the DCP explained that he had contact with Hushpuppi about two years ago when he called his office to report someone who was allegedly planning to attack his family.

Kyari said Vincent was eventually arrested based on Hushpuppi’s distress call.

However, the senior police officer explained that the suspect was later after investigations showed that the information supplied by Hushpuppi was false.

The post reads:

“Abbas who we later came to know as Hushpuppi called our office about 2years ago that somebody in Nigeria Seriously threatened to kill his Family here in Nigeria and he sent the person’s Phone number and pleaded we take action before the Person attacks his family.

“We traced and arrested the Suspect and after investigations, we discovered there wasn’t an actual threat to anyone’s life And they are long time friends who have money issues between them hence we released the Suspect on bail to go and he was not taken to any jail.

“Nobody demanded for a kobo from Abbas Hushpuppi. Our focus was to Save people’s lives that were purported to have been threatened.”

Kyari speaks on alleged purchase of clothes After the arrest incident, Kyari said Hushpuppi showed interest in some of the native clothes he wore online. He wrote: “Later, he saw some of my Native Clothes and Caps on my social media page and he said he likes them and he was connected to the person selling the clothes and he sent about N300k directly to the person’s account.”

The Native Clothes and Caps (5 sets) were brought to our office and He sent somebody to Collect them in our office.

“Nobody demanded any money from Abbas Hushpuppi and nobody collected any money from him. We responded to a distress call he made on threat to his family and released the Suspect when we discovered there was no life threat from the Suspect.”

Kyari asked anyone interested to contact Vincent to confirm the story. He added:

“This is the true story. Vincent is alive, he can be contacted.”

Nigerians react

The development has generated heated reactions from Nigerians on social media.

Bonaeffective Ogunbona said:

“Only God knows what truly happened but I don’t know why I trust this man, Abba Kyari. Maybe because of his past doings.”

Aliyu Shu’aibu said:

“Sir you are Men of integrity and gallant to your task. Don’t be distracted as this is expected as counter attack. Allah will put them to shame. More grace to you and your able Team.”

Olumade Dipo said:

“Well said Gallant officers, but please mind the Company you keep sir, be mindful of the people that want to be associated with you.

You should not be seen in a function anyhow sir like the recent party we saw you.”

Gospelpedro Ozy said:

“We were not expecting you to accept the allegations, are you not a Nigerian police?”

Gimba Kakanda said:

“On Hushpuppi’s allegation, DCP Abba Kyari has shared his side of the story, with a sum of N300,000 sent to the latter’s tailor by the fraudster on trial revealed as the only subject of money between them.

Whatever anyone makes of the policeman’s response, his side of the story is only as true as Hushpuppi’s. The burden is now upon the police authority or any independent panel to investigate the two claims and establish the facts of the matter.

I can’t vouch for either in this case. “As much as Hushpuppi doesn’t seem to have a reason to malign his police friend in this fashion, especially one who’s stepped out for him as a “kaftan plug,” he lacks the integrity to be a credible source of information. Time shall tell.


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