Top 5 Famous People Nigerian Youths Hate So Much (See The List)

In as much as Nigerians are naturally happy and accommodating people, but there are certain people who have passed their boundaries and it will take only the grace of God for Nigerians especially the youths to forgive them of their errors.

Check below for top 5 people that is already on the black books of a typical Nigerian youth.

1. Yakubu Aiyegbeni

Aiyegbeni Missed An Open Goal At The SouthKorea 2010

The famous ex Nigeria football striker will need a good soap to wash away the hatred Nigerians have for him. With the Eagles trailing 2-1 against South Korea and needing an outright win, Aiyegbeni missed an open net following a cross from Yusuf Ayila. It ranked as one of the worst miss at the World Cup held in Africa for the first time.

It was an instant hit in the faces of Nigerians as it was a time football was a major connector of all.

Ayegbeni has refused to apologize to Nigerians and has vowed never to as he sees no reason why he should, because it wasn’t a deliberate miss, according to him.

2. Desmond Elliot

Nigerians Turned Desmond Elliot To A Funny Meme

Nollywood actor turned lawmaker, Desmond Elliot carelessly placed his name in the black books of Nigerian Youths a while ago. While speaking during a plenary session of the Lagos state House of Assembly, he referred to Nigerian Youths as children. This was shortly after the famous EndSARS Protest organized by the youths of the country.

He said in part:

“Social media, though good, has its negative impacts. When I went through the comment, I could not believe it Mr Speaker. The curses, the abuses from children. And I ask myself ‘Is this Nigeria? What is going on?’ Children cursing?”

A though he later went in to apologize but Nigerians never forgot, and he has been used as different kinds of memes to degrade and insult his personality.

3. Godwin Emefiele

Godwin Emefiele Banned Crypto In Nigeria 2021

The Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) Governor did a little too much to be so hated by average Nigerian youths.

All he had to do was to announce the “ban of crypto” in Nigeria. One of the most profitable things the youths engage in to be able to combat unemployment and feed their families.

Emefiele banned crypto trading and everything related to crypto and asked the Nigerian banks to start closing the accounts of owners who refused to stop crypto trading.

If this did not annoy the youths, what else will?

4. Lai Mohammed

Lai Mohammed When Nigerian Govt Banned Twiiter


Renamed “Lie Muhammed” by the angered Nigerians, he’s hated for being the mouthpiece of the government that seems the youth are not okay with.

Lie Mohammed is fond of defending the government he works for even when everyone agrees to a point. His own point is always contrary.

He was even hated more for his action in the government by banning the Twitter platform where almost all youths could not go a day without surfing.

5. Buhari

When president Buhari came with the change mantra, people heralded him as their last hope. They voted him and he got victory to his greatest astonishment.

President Buhari came and made several promises and woefully failed to fulfill them.

He thought he could move mountains when ever he wanted like the military era, Baba did not know that in a democracy due processes has to be followed.

Nigerian youth simply believe Buhari is incompetent for the job and they feel that they have been sold a lie.

Written By AkhamPApa


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