S*ex Lecturers!!! Foreplay First Or Straight To The Point – How Do You Think A Good S*x Should Start?

Everyone’s definition of sex is so different from the rest. We have had series of mind blowing and interesting revelations about sex so far and some have been eye openers and some are hilarious

No matter how much you hate sex, there must be some sort of special attraction or satisfaction you ill derive from sex itself or the process that might want to make you always want to experience it over and over again.

The way some people start up their sex can look like an introduction to a movie or rather a trailer with the way they cuddle, fondle, and do all types of sexual fantasies to make the moment a very memorable one.

Some people people have little or no time to handle foreplay before sex, they just go straight to the point and cum.

Some people tend to turn down that foreplay of a thing because all the want from the sex is just to cum once after which they will be satisfied.

However, some ladies do not help matter, some do not like foreplay, some are dirty, some do not make the time worth it because of their attitudes during sex.

Some guys believe during the foreplay, they can cum easily and this will make them sexually satisfied and the girl might think low of them sexually but guy, if I no reach the promise land, wetin I gain?

So guys, let me throw the question back to you 👇

How Do You Think A Good Sex Should Start?


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