TOTAL RUBBISH!! After Twitter Ban Was Lifted – See The First Thing Naira Marley Tweeted 😲😲

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I had to change the title of this Tweet to what you read initially 🤣

The real title of this post is “In Naira Marley’s Dull & Dumb Head: See The Thoughts In There” as written by Agwuma Kingsley.

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In Naira Marley’s Dull & Dumb Head: See The Thoughts In There

The Twitter ban in Nigeria restricted a lot of fans’ connecting to their favorite creators, the platform could only be accessed through the struggles of connecting VPN so this really affected the number of Nigerians using the platform.

Good a thing, it was a few days ago the Twitter ban was lifted, leaving wide open the pool for fans to access and commune with their favorite idols.

Of course, Twitter rants and a good number of bants involving trends have been taking rounds whilst a fuller number of both the creators and fans of the social media platform, Twitter might have found the platform less interesting until January 12th, 2022, when the ban was lifted.

Naira Marley started acting wild after the ban was lifted

On 16th January 2022, 4 days after the ban was lifted by the Nigerian government, Naira Marley has left the fringes and has come to make a collection of tweets that stands as an examination of his dark thoughts.

On a Sunday, fans advised that he should consider regarding the day which he made of an array of his dirty thoughts and according to a Twitter user @Therealarona that commented on one of Naira Marley’s tweets that Sunday, “Today is Sabbath day, keep it holy fgs“. Marley’s thoughts hold no value or have cultural conformity.

Below are some of the other tweets 👇


Take careful note of the songs Naira Marley has created, they are calibrations of his thought. While he is having a blinding career run, Marley has kept displaying what his mind is made of.

He has his Marlians by him and if you should be considering what his stupid bunch and their thoughts consist of, often his tweets also, perhaps, they are thinking to commit themselves to display another nudity or something with no value or genuine cultural conformity.

Well, I will leave you all to have a say as regards Naira Marley serious of tweets.

What Do You Think About The Rubbish Naira Marley Posted On Twitter?


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