4 Benefits Of Sleeping Without Undies

If you’re someone who is wondering if they should go commando or not, wait till you read this piece. The benefits that come with it will definitely make you ditch your undies!
We come across all kinds of people. There are some who love to wear the cutest pajamas to bed, while others want to ditch them for shorts. There are others who prefer nighties for their comfort, while a bunch of people don’t want to wear anything. Whatever be your preference, we respect that. But there’s a question that is floating in the minds of many women today: should they wear underwear at night or go commando? That’s exactly what we want to find out today.
But before we get down to the benefits of ditching your undies, Kamlesh Sinha, a Gurgaon-based gynecologist says, “Sometimes, not wearing underwear at night helps women who are more prone to dampness and infections. Plus, it might help to enhance her intimacy with her partner. One could also choose to wear cotton underwear that’s breathable and absolutely comfortable. I would suggest allowing the vaginal area to breathe, if you are comfortable going underwear-free.”
Now that we have some idea, let’s jump right into its benefits

1. Ditching the underwear increases comfort

There are some women who can’t bear the discomfort that comes with wearing underwear. If you don’t want to ditch it completely, try different cuts, styles and patterns, but if you can let it go, there’s nothing like it. After all, wouldn’t you want to feel comfortable? You could wear a long dress and toss your undies aside. No one will even know!

2. You let your vaginal area breathe

If you are someone who wears synthetic underwear, it is natural that it will prevent air from flowing freely. This essentially means that you are letting your vaginal area breathe, which is necessary. That is because it is a sensitive area and increased contact with any clothing can increase the sensitivity.

3. It helps to relieve dampness

Wearing underwear sometimes causes dampness, which eventually leads to discomfort. If you are someone who sweats a lot and experiences discharge, then ditching the underwear is a good idea. Even if you decide to skip the underwear and wear fitted pants, it’s not going to help.

4. It soothes acne

Sometimes, heat and moisture also causes folliculitis. This condition causes your hair follicles to become inflamed, and is characterised by red and white bumps. These bumps generally form along your bikini line, more so after shaving. And then when you wear tight underwear, things just get worse. You could apply warm compress to get some relief, but it is best to avoid underwear.

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