MAD O! If Heaven Is In The Sky, Where Is Hell?” Iyabo Ojo Tasks Fans

For Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, some creational questions, especially on hell, fill her mind and she has decided to air it out.

The actress and movie producer shocked many when she went all biblical.

While getting glammed up, Iyabo questioned her fans and glam squad on what they know about creation.

According to her, she always questions herself about the location of hell.

She stated that if heaven is in the sky, then where is hell located.

Panning the camera to her glam squad, she asked them if they knew the answer and none of them could give a definite answer.

“Does anyone know exactly where hell is?

Is the location in the Bible, I’m just curious”.

The actress decided to throw the question at her fans and here are some reactions below,

koredebello :

Heaven is wherever God’s presence is and Hell is wherever it’s not. That’s why we can experience Heaven on earth or literally live in Hell. Your environment could be going through hell but if the Spirit lives in you, you’re in Heaven

qwin_sammie :

Let ask mummy GO she was once there she sat with Lucifer face to face

wowaccessories :

Mummy GO has gone to HELL and HEAVEN. Let’s ask her for the address

hrh_rhitapearl :

Na opposite heaven

thytribe :

Usually beneath the earth, the term hell refers to the underworld, a dip out or distance land of shadows where the dead are gathered”.


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