I Quit – Neo Reads Out Breakup Message To Tolanibaj


Big Brother Naija All Stars housemate, Neo Akpofure, has officially called off his relationship with fellow housemate, Tolanibaj.

He read out a written breakup message to Tolanibaj while they were both in bed.

Neo said,

“You are a great person and you’ve been a great friend. A strong push that really inspired me to be here and there is nothing I appreciate more than that.

“But at this point I feel like my honesty has been raised to pretence so many times than I can handle.

“Because clearly, this isn’t what I bargained for or planned. I promise to be there in every way that I can and I promise to be loyal just like I have.

“But too many times you’ve chosen to not take my words for it and too many excesses have been a reason for either party to be disrespected mostly because of you or me feel the need to do exactly as you please in different situations without thinking of the consequences of our actions, mostly your reactions.

“I appreciate all that we have been through but at this point I think I need to just get my emotions back in my hands.

“You are awesome, I trust you to keep being you and being awesome. You’re Tolanibaj. But this is where I quit.”

Tolanibaj asked: “What are you quiting?”, and Neo replied: “I don’t know. Maybe a friendship.”

Again, Tolani asked: “You are quiting a friendship?”, and Neo replied: “I already made up mind.”

Thereafter, they proceeded to the restroom where she told him she is not accepting the breakup.

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