[Music Lyrics] Mikky UGM – Goodnight (Mp3 Download)


Nigerian music icon, Nkemakolam Michael Ugorji who is popularly know as "Mikky UGM" serves his fans with this wonderful music tune titled, “Goodnight“.

The new song serves as his last release year 2021 titled “Goodnight” produced by the talented record producer, Natee.

Listen below;


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Intro: Haa yah 
Oh yeah 
Mikky Ugm...

Verse 1: I been dey hustle to work 
Cos you can only win by luck
I want make it in bulk 
Oluwa show me the door 
Me no want any disgrace 
Cos I want to win the race.. oh yeah 
I con Dey hustle Dey pray 
Oluwa show me the way yeah 

Chorus: This life 
You better live right 
Bcos say one day your friends go tell you goodnight...yeah (x2)

Verse 2: Me no go look dem for face 
Cos dem no fit to run my race... oh yeah 
I just Dey dey on my lane 
Dey hustle for fame make I carry the grace... yeah 
  Wetin dey gimme the joy aaaahhh 
A thousand journey turn to  grace 
A million struggle turn to fate 
As I Dey pray I Dey hustle 
Oluwa make I no die for struggle yeah 
Hook: Oluwa so mi lo so mi bo eehh 
Jeki gbogbo Aye Ko da mii mo eh 
Tiba lowo mi O fe ku

Chorus: This life you better live right 
Bcos say one day your friends go tell you goodnight yeah (x2)
Verse 3: Poverty na bad disease ah haa 
Me I no wan chop am again oh yeah
I con Dey hustle Dey pray 
 Oluwa  gbe mi dide 
Just one dream could take me far aah 
Don’t wanna see mama suffer ah 
Some situations Dey blow my mind 
Sometimes we begging just to survive
Hook: Oluwa so mi lo so mi bo eh 
Jeki gbogbo Aye ko da mi mo eh 
Tiba lowo mi O fe  ku 
Ogun Orun Oya Egbe  mi wo eehh 

Chorus: This life You better live right 
Bcos say one day your friends go tell you goodnight yeah (x2) 

Verse 4: People wey say dem go help eeh 
Where dem Dey when I dey beg oh yh 
Dem be Dey wishing me bad 
But oluwa no gree he been lifting me high yeh... 
Me I no dey fight any man haa 
Me I no dey beef anybody haa 
I just wan Dey on my own 
Make I get my own and be boss on my own yeah.... 
Chorus: This life You better live right 
Bcos say one day your friends go tell you goodnight yeah(x2)... 
Hook: Make dem no use me dey play eehh 
Baba God gimme the grace 
Make dem hear my story 
I wan make Dem talk my story yeah....

The End!!!

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