How to Get Paid on Audiomack in 2023 (Easy Steps)

How to Make Money with AudioMack.

AudioMack is a great way to make money online, and knowing how to get paid on Audiomack is a must. 


Should you and sell your music directly with Audiomack?


15 benefits to selling music with an Audiomack AMP account:

  1. AMP revenue share
  2. Gain access to free tools
  3. Quick for uploading music
  4. Grow your followers
  5. Audiomack team supportive
  6. Audiomack offers unlimited uploads
  7. AMP creators support
  8. Fast-growing music app
  9. Desktop mode feature
  10. Create amazing playlists
  11. Helps creators manage music files
  12. Generate revenue per stream rate
  13. Network with authenticated creators
  14. Potential for mixtape hit millions
  15. Host a personal website on Audiomack

In this guide, I'll show you how to publish song in a standard way on Audiomack

Do you make good music?
Submit your song, if you like to make cool cash with your song online without stress.
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Apply for Audiomack Monetization Program AMP

AMP stands for 'Audiomacks premium monetization.'

The Audiomack Monetization Program AMP is a feature for your Audiomack account. You gain access to a creator community that can generate revenue completely free.

I'm not joking at all...

You have the opportunity to monetize the different streams of music!

IMPORTANT NOTICE; You must submit applications and get the approval before you begin making money with Audiomack. 

Audiomack Requirement: 25 followers and 2 music upload

Before even considering monetization, it's a good idea to be with a good music distributor for more assistance. Kindly Click Here

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Dear Upcoming Artiste,

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We understand the struggle perfectly, we know what you are going through but the God that blew those you are looking up to today is still very much alive (E no even fit die self). He will surely do yours if you do the right thing as regards your Music career.

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